Emma. ★★★½

They spent like 40 minutes talking about how cool and handsome this Churchill dude was gonna be and then he shows up and he looks like a lemur. The fuck? I haven't seen the Goop version (should I?) but a quick wiki says they got Ewan McGregor for the role, which makes a lot more sense on paper.

Regardless, I did enjoy this one. I'm weak for a period piece about passive-aggressive Brits, with costumes colored like pastel confections, that understands the inherent eroticism of prolonged eye contact during ballroom dancing. It's a fun bit of fluff that's amusing, nice to look at, and has a climactic dunk that made the theater gasp. It's not my favorite Austen adaptation, because it lacks Keira Knightley, but Anya Taylor-Joy is having a fun break from scream queen-ing.

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