Most Beautiful Island

Most Beautiful Island ★★★★

Womanhood is a balancing act. It always is, regardless of race, regardless of origin, NYC or Bumfuck, Wyoming, gay or straight, cis or trans. We could have followed any woman for a day and probably encountered something horrifying, but we happened to follow Luciana (writer/director/producer Ana Asensio), a Spanish immigrant struggling to scrape together rent between her various menial jobs.

The only women not walking this tightrope are the wealthy, shielded by their class, they are complicit in, and even aiding, the degredation of the rest of us. Fuck you, I got mine. I don't have to worry about whether my next job is a sex trafficking scam, I don't even have to work. The cockroaches can drown while I get clean, I can wash my hands of anything. Pick yourselves up, they say, having never needed to pick themselves up from anything, degrade yourselves for our amusement and maybe someday you can be the spider, the venom, the rot.

The web is not designed to be escaped.

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