Old ★★★½

​Old is really interesting in its wild swinging back and forth between restraint and absolute chaos. On one hand, it's a straightforward, if high-concept, genre film, a what you see is what you get situation that's completely opposite of what Shyamalan is known for. He's the Twist Guy, and this movie doesn't really have one. No shocker that radically recontextualizes everything we've seen so far, just the characters finding the answer to a question they've been asking since the start of the movie. The narrative is pretty much exactly what you think it's gonna be.

Sorry, I've been reading a lot of thriller novels lately. People on Goodreads (what a piece of shit platform. I'll never complain about the letterboxd interface again.) loooove to complain that they saw "the twist" coming which means it's bad, when it wasn't really a twist in the first place. Good grief.

Anyway, it's also completely batshit. The absurdity of the early scenes when people are realizing what's going on are howl-inducing, and so is the scene which is undeniably the best death scene of the year so far. I loved the heightened genre performances and the fun of the child characters being played by new actors every time you turn around, and I loved the out-of-the-box directorial choices with sound and framing, with limbs chopped off at weird angles and extreme closeups. A genuinely fun time at the movies that I am declaring as Actually Good before the So Bad It's Good people get their stinky paws on it.

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