Possessor ★★★★

(I watched the cut version, by the time I saw 'R' and not 'unrated' I had already paid the rental fee. I saw less peen than I was led to believe. Ah well! )

Andrea Riseborough's face is perfect for this. Pallid and severe, sometimes even sick looking, she drifts through every room and every color like a ghost, the lines of her face etched with a deep sorrow that most mortals don't have the self-awareness to ever feel. She has the presence of some otherworldly thing, Swintonesque but without the glamor. Without that distinctive sense of self, she just becomes the same hodgepodge of vague pixelated bullshit as the rest of us, trapped in a system where we're tools and not people, a molded clay plaything to sell more playthings to. We are what we labor at, we are what we own, we are who we watch. Unknowable, and yet, one of us.

Possessor is more engaging and creative than that other cyberpunk thing happening right now, but not as coherent as B. Cronenberg's previous work, Antiviral. The conclusion of the opening scene is...something that should feel like a statement of some kind, but isn't, and goes totally unaddressed. He's taking big swings that don't always connect, but I can vibe with that. See my love for Jordan Peele's Us. But this movie leaves more substantial questions than pedantic "plot hole" shit. Almost thinking it should be a little longer.

Loved the score. Jim Williams also did the score for Raw, which would be iconic if the film were more widely seen. Watch out for this guy.

Any recommendations for writing on this movie by trans people? I'd be interested to read them.

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