Suspiria ★★★★

Suspiria is a nightmare in candy apple red, from the lights, to the walls, to the blood that drips down poor Pat's dangling feet onto the floor. Navy blue curtains, the sick green glow that lights the darkness, swirling golden florals illuminating the pathway into hell. As the rain pounds violently against the windows, to the sound of howling winds and twinkling hisses, the wide-eyed Suzy falls deeper into a dreamy absurdity she can't escape.

Even the flaws somehow contribute to the tense, uncanny atmosphere. The not-quite synced up dubbing, Olga's nonsense about snakes, the fact that the most obvious expositions are played like a revelations. It would be fair to call these inanities, or the very simplistic plot and characters problems, but I bought into the neon, dread-soaked atmosphere so fully that it didn't matter. I was hooked all the way to the finale, nail biting and tense, with its haggard would-be corpses and actual dead reanimated.

She steps out into the rain once more, in panicked, gleeful disbelief, and realizes that the storm wasn't oppressive in the first place. Embrace the madness and come out free.

Hooptober 2017 - 25/31

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