John and the Hole

John and the Hole ★★

Wow the new season of Dexter is pretty crazy...

John and the Hole is so frustrating to watch because it has such a good framework built-up only to completely squander the execution. Nothing happens in this movie. Or, at least, nothing of consequence happens in this movie. It has a solid premise, and Charlie Shotwell's performance as John is adequately creepy, but I struggle to find any meaning in this film - least of all its subplot about a little girl abandoned by her mother. The Q&A implies that the subplot was the "reality" and the main story a story told to the young girl but (1) why wasn't that made more clear? and (2) that honestly just gives me more questions than answers.

Really wanted to like this, but it just feels too aimless overall in spite of a few good ideas here and there.

Side Note: Taissa Farmiga is really starting to look more and more like her sister. The resemblance in this movie is uncanny

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