2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

There's the great match-cut in the opening sequence to Up which shows old man Carl's isolation after his childhood love has died. There's the even better match-cut of Benjamin from The Graduate jumping on his pool raft before cutting to jumping on Mrs. Robinson. Even more infamous is the eye-drain match cut from Psycho which quite literally shows Marion's life draining from her. Yet nothing has said so much with so little as that dam bone-to-spaceship match cut in this movie. That match-cut is the closest form of a film climaxing. We've come so far in time but have we really evolved much after that? No wonder why we see such a dip in sci-fi movies after 1968 well through the mid 1970s becuase 2001 does it (and everything) better! This movie exists beyond the genre plane. It's sci-fi. It's drama. It's commentary. It's dark comedy. It has a clear narrative form, yet it still has a touch of avant garde. Imagine all of the hippies in 1968 that dropped acid right as the abduction scene occurs and Bowman is pulled into the vortex of light. Unreal!

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