Miss Americana

Miss Americana ★★★½

As a very particular point of criticism, imagine being Taylor, with all of her fame, showing up to a fan meet-and-greet after a show. You're supposed to be nice and talk to each group/person that comes in and then a guy/woman walk in and you do your casual hellos and he just stops you and says....I wanted you to be apart of this and he gets down on his knee and proposes and it's just you awkwardly third wheeling. If I were that girl I would be like ??? why did you propose to me in FRONT of Taylor Swift?! Like have her in on the gag but her just awkwardly standing there is me x10000 and in that moment I completely identify with her. She awkwardly high-fives the guy after and like wow, I relate sis.

Not amazing from a documentary perspective it's a lot of behind the scenes tours imagines and behind the scenes studio sessions. But it's undeniable hearing her perspective over the past decade of headlines that have seemed to run her life. 2020 Taylor is >>>>>

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