Parasite ★★★★★

Never have I ever been so excited to see a film. I said this about La La Land in 2016...then Lady Bird, followed quickly by Call Me By Your Name in 2017...and was refreshing my screen by the minute until Roma dropped on Netflix in 2018. So maybe this is just an annual tune I go through where I latch onto the hype of a film so hard and because of my cursed location + luck, I usually go months after the initial premiere of the film before FINALLY getting to watch it. Usually these have the biggest payoffs and today, finishing off a case of strep throat sitting at home, my mom casually drops that she saw Parasite hit our local theater for a showing late that afternoon. In a hurried rush, I spit out my coffee, asked the waiter for the check, logged into the Fandango app, and sure enough, booked a seat for the afternoon showing.

I sat in the theater and was mostly impressed at the older audience, sitting with as much eager as me to see the film. Really expected this to be just me, myself, and I but there were maybe 15 people in the smaller 30 person theater...not bad.

And holy shit I loved it. The movie is basically a simple structure in two parts, like done by so many before: rise and fall. The first half was so much funnier than I was expecting. The Kims are ruthless. Their clinical attention to detail, their mockery of the Parks, their cunningness. And the Parks are depicted in their own ironic light: preaching of the cautions that Jessica and Kevin should abide by not knowing just how ignorant they are to how they're being manipulated.
Peaches are the new fruit for motion cinema.

When the old housemade reappears to instill the tension and drama to the Kims, I thought this was the big reveal everyone had be gushing over for months. I was perplexed. It was a good reveal, it was exciting and that stairway scene certainly sent me ...crashing?!. But why was this sight so crazed by this moment?

And then a few more scenes go by, I've settled in. I'm wondering where in the hell the Kims are going and how in the hell this is going to wrap-up and THE ACTUAL scene happens and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Like organized chaos that is all equal parts Karma and horror and the climax of of three different stories at once. I don't recall having this rush of feeling in many movies. The only thing immediately coming to mind is honestly in Kill Bill: vol 2 when Beatrix plucks out Elle's eye. A moment that feels equal parts right, wrong, horrifying, and satisfying.

I'm going to buy this immediately when its on DVD. I'm going to rewatch it a few times. And maybe I'll have a more in-depth review of what 'it all means' but at this point I'm just such a Bong-joon hoe.

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