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  • Harold and Maude
  • Serial Mom
  • Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives
  • Mean Girls

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  • Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

  • Strike!

  • Triangle of Sadness

  • I, Tonya

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  • Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

    Ok I get why this is iconic…

    Saw this dance performed at Gay Shame (Sheria Mattis and Ely Kreimendahl w/ guest Jeneane Garofalo) and they absolutely called out Gen Z for having never seen the referenced scene. Luckily, my hot older boyfriend encouraged my education of this cultural moment.

    Anywho, I love a movie that champions friendship and individuality above all else, admittedly only slightly above capitalist success, but above it nonetheless. 

    P.S. High school movies like this are always…

  • Strike!


    "I'm going to be an actress, a folk singer, and a slut!"

    This film deserves status as a classic. Unsure how this didn't come into my life before Metrograph...

Popular reviews

  • Jackass Forever

    Jackass Forever


    I haven’t felt this alive in a theater for years
    This is better for queer progress than pride — it’s practically BDSM

  • The Kissing Booth

    The Kissing Booth


    Drink every time:
    - A man does something misogynistic to a girl and she falls in love with him
    - A girl is in her underwear (2x if wet)
    - A boy is shirtless
    - Boobs/crotch placed using rule of thirds
    - The girl falls clumsily 
    - The love interest’s hair swoop increases 
    - They show the same kiss three times
    - You notice the shitty green screen
    - The PD spends like 8x too much money on the wrong…