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  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    Absurd, kafkaesque, comedy blacker than the coal mines of the Vorkuta labour camp. The all-star cast radiates with the joy of acting and the dialogue snaps, crackles and pops. At first i was a bit thrown by the accents; not a single hint of russian but rather broad examples of different UK & US dialects (Stalin himself having the richest british toungue of them all). Buscemi, Beale, Tambor, Palin, Isaacs etc all amazing performances all across the board. ”The Death of Stalin” is an anomaly of an intelligent, fast paced, witty, dark comedy in an age of light hearted comedic drivel.

  • Summer of 84

    Summer of 84


    Tropes upon tropes upon cliches upon lackluster nostalgia with none of it’s predecessor’s magic. A halfassaed teen dream by a bunch of 40-somethings reliving the good old vhs days. Still the slightly surprising darkness in the third act saves it from being a total missfire. Over sexed hony 14 year olds who are way to verbally savvy for their age: check, next door neighbor teen dream girl who looks looks like she’s 25: check, John Carpenterish score: check, meticulous execution…

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  • Moonrise



    The shadows of film noir may grow long in the city but it's nothing compared to the darkness of the rural south.

    Danny Hawkins has been plagued by bullies his whole life; his criminal father's conviction and execution is forever hanging over him like a curse. One night the boiling point is reached. In a fit of uncontrollable rage, when trying to fend for himself, he kills his long time upper class tormentor Jerry Sykes.
    His sweetheart Gilly Johnson soon…

  • Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory


    A total and utter masterclass in both filmmaking and how to totally unglorify war. Quite early in Kubrick’s body of work yet so incredibly mature and rich. Some of the scenes are so technically perfect and ahead of their time it’s quite jawdropping; the dolly shots in the trenches for example. Kirk Douglas shines bright in the lead role as the conflicted and increasingly frustrated Col. Dax. George Macready is convincingly vile as the despotic General Paul Mireau. So it’s…