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  • Blackhat



    This movie sort of clinched for me the fact that, like Hawks, Mann is really interested in professionalism, but in a very different way. Where Hawks looks at professionals in isolated or foreign environments, Mann look at how these characters relate to the rest of the world and the increasingly changing environment. While Hawks uses Old Hollywood techniques to explore his pet themes, Mann is constantly innovating, now resembling Godard more. Mann was at the forefront of digital video 10…

  • A Gentle Woman

    A Gentle Woman

    “I enjoyed our inequality”. Bresson moves back to the city, back to the stairwell of Pickpocket, to tell a more intimate and ultimately cynical tale than either of his previous country films (not that Balthazar or Mouchette could be called cynical, but they are certainly bleak) in his first color film. We begin with a slow-mo (Bresson’s first use?) shot of a falling white shawl, decelerating the momentum of the plot, so that we will be able to dig into…