not great with this whole movie thing
using this now as my own journal, so spoilers and stuff

Favorite films

  • La Dolce Vita
  • Amarcord
  • Fanny and Alexander
  • Satantango

Recent activity

  • Trainspotting


  • FLCL


  • Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore


  • The Decline of Western Civilization


Recent reviews

  • Deep Water

    Deep Water


    Lol they made a cuck movie?

  • Turning Red

    Turning Red


    It starts as a high school comedy about horny teen girls with a 00's soundtrack by Billie Eilish & Finneas with massive amounts of classic-feeling anime reactions merged with meme comedy. Then it turns into the cutest art fantasy anime set in the West, like that was the vessel that cultural Chinese art films like Zhang Yimou's beautifully and ethereally merged with, about female friendships and empathy healing a conservative Chinese immigrant mother's interpersonal relationships. I also literally cannot remember the…

Popular reviews

  • Marty



    The hell is this. Experiencing Marty is to watch overly-talky old-school Hollywood screwball kitsch occasionally hijacked by Ingmar Bergman. It's Saturday Night Fever sans the dancing and music, with the existential torment cranked up to 11. A film portraying old Italian widows yapping about chicken in heavy accents shouldn't also feature a chubby Ernest Borgnine sharing depressing thoughts of suicide. A cast with wise-crackin' New Yorker youths in suits shouldn't also sport a female lead whose performance and demeanor are…

  • The Match Factory Girl

    The Match Factory Girl


    The Match Factory Girl is a perfect movie. Once in a blue moon, the cinema gods grants us a work such as this, a soul-crushing, stomach-churning, and head-spinning film. Is it for everyone? Hell no! But for those who care about its themes and can indulge in its Bressonesque restrained style, this is ecstasy. This was the first and still the best film that I've seen from Aki Kaurismaki. It is just staggering how in control he is of his…