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  • School of Rock

    School of Rock


    Family movie night.
    We all went to school and it rocked.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


    Despite all the bad hair, I really like this one.

    Unlike the first three films which feel tedious and spend lots of time looking at the scenery, this one necessarily moves along, and focuses just enough on the characters and the feelings of middle schoolers.
    Well done Mike Newell.

    A shame David Tenant had three tiny scenes, but in a cast this big...
    Daniel Radcliffe is not good in this.

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  • Zootopia



    I recently described the idea "I can do anything" as an intimidating lie. I believe it sets us (and our children) up for disappointment, disillusionment, and apathy. I try to live by "I can do some stuff pretty well and a few things really well." It helps me to not measure myself against unnecessary standards.

    So for much of this movie I was a bit uncomfortable as I watched with my children. I was more on edge for most of…

  • It's Such a Beautiful Day

    It's Such a Beautiful Day


    Lonely, beautiful, aching. Probably the most affecting film I've ever watched. This one went right into my soul and didn't let go.
    I rarely deal in superlatives, but an experience like this is why I watch movies.
    Thanks letterboxd. Without you I never would have seen this.