Christopher Robin ★★★½

I found this to be adorable. Genuine moments of joy and surprise.
Pooh's toddler-like observations got me every time. So good.
The point is obvious, but well done.
There are cringe-worthy moments of Disney obvious magic, but for a kid's movie, this one got me right in the feels, as they say. Like a big hug from your 7 year-old self. Or your 7 year-old son, as the case may be.

Eeyore was my favorite as a kid, and Brad Garrett is fine, his voice is deep, but I got the feeling he played Eeyore as if he knew his lines were funny, and not like Eeyore was actually sad. But otherwise good voice work.

This is up for best Visual Effects and it is very impressive in that regard as it is for the most part seamless in mixing imaginary animals with actual human beings.

Overall, though, this is the Obi-Wan Kenobi, Agent Carter nostalgic parent team-up I didn't know I needed.

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