Vice ★★

The Good:
- Amy Adams, good as always.
- Christian Bale's impression.
- The frame of 9/11 at the beginning and then 2/3 of the way in. It really worked when we arrived there again. It had been building up to returning to that moment.
- The fake credits was the only time I laughed.
- Shakespeare scene was clever.
- Jesse Plemmons. After Game Night, I have been alerted to your excellence sir.
- Naomi Watts as a news anchor. Outstanding.

The Bad:
- The word "sophomoric" kept coming to mind: Galactus, edited-in shots of jackals, comparisons to monsters.
- The jokes were sophomoric.
- The filmmaking seemed less than amazing. I liked the fishing metaphor, but after 2 cuts to fly-fishing I got the idea. I didn't need 7 more before you set the hook. So many decisions like that which just seemed to be far more forced than necessary.
- Steve Carell being Steve Carell. I love the guy, but I could only see Steve Carell. Especially the laugh.
- 2 hours of Christian Bale saying "mm hmm"
- jump scares. A lot.
- Unnecessarily graphic surgery. I assume just to say he's truly heartless. Did we need that extended of a scene to get that?

The "why wasn't this a documentary?"
- I would have been more scared if it was
- I likely would have learned more
- You could have saved so much of the money you spent on CGI'ing so many characters into so much actual historical footage. Just because you can do it, doesn't make it effective.

I hated this experience. Rather than giving a full picture of a man, it just felt confused.

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