Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! ★★★

Score: 60%

Hmmmm... I'm not sure about this one. It has lots of positives - Kidman and McGregor are great and their chemistry and relationship drives the film, the production design and costume design is awesome, and the Moulin Rouge itself being presented as this grand palace works really well for the story aswell. It makes Christian seem so out of place at first and builds up a sense of mysteriousness surrounding Satine. Lots of the songs worked really well and the second half in particular is really fun. But there are quite a few issues - the rapid editing gave me a headache at some moments, some of the songs don't work at all and the villain has to be one of the most painfully one note characters of all time. He's so overly evil that I just couldn't take him seriously at all. That basically sums up the whole film actually - so over the top that I could just not take it seriously at all. I still mostly enjoyed this, and if you're a fan of musicals you'll probably enjoy it, but overall I was a bit disappointed.

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