Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Score: 96%

A true classic of the adventure genre, Raiders of the Lost Ark has everything you'd want from this type of film, and still holds up 40 years later. The action is definitely the best aspect - the stunts are obviously iconic, but the direction of the action is so smooth, and it makes it very easy to follow and as a result more enjoyable. Too many action movies nowadays rely on shaky cam, and whilst shaky cam can be used effectively (see Saving Private Ryan) I ultimately do prefer smoothly shot action as done here. Of course we have the brilliant Harrison Ford as Indy, but I also really like Marion in this film. She has an actual character here, which is so much better than Kate Capshaw's character in Temple of Doom who just screams constantly. The villains aren't well developed as such, but they're not meant to be - they're just meant to be intimidating, and they do that really well. The story is simple, yet also really effective. It's a plain macguffin story, but it allows for the action to drive the story, and that stops the film from being too bogged down by exposition. The score is one of the best of all time - John Williams really is a master composer - and the film is just really entertaining. Overall, it's a fantastic film.

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