The Happening

This is so far removed from anything recognisably human that, for a good while, you scramble to work out what the joke that you're not in on is. But then you look into Zooey Deschenal's empty eyes or Mark Wahlberg's gawping mouth and it clicks: nobody involved with The Happening is quite sure what movie they're making. Shyamalan has written an arch B-movie that might work with a cast who gets it, but, oh boy, is this not an exercise is woeful miscasting and befuddled direction. Scene after scene sees people sucking the air from each setup with acting styles ranging from 'confused' to 'irritated', and Shyamalan's typically-severe visual style betrays a diminished ability to construct atmosphere. It makes for a conflicting watch, with your empathy for a flailing filmmaker vying with the giggles you're struggling to stifle.