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  • Lost Girls

    Lost Girls


    that ending was very heavy in an already heavy story and i wasn’t expecting that. its sad how often sex workers are mistreated and dismissed by local law enforcement across north america. theres a big case in canada that reminds me of this, alongside all the missing + murdered indigenous women in the country. amber tuccaro is her name and the rcmp of alberta failed her and our peopleΒ 

    my heart also goes out to all the families in this film

  • Contagion



    im always a sucker for these multi narrative style of films. however watching this while self quarantining and quitting smoking was a big miss steak. my anxiety is through the roof and i wish i had a cigarette lol

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  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    revenge is a dish best served cold

    Hooptober VΒ andΒ OHMC 18

    How far are you willing to go to get your own justice and revenge? Are you willing to become a monster and inhuman?Β 

    From start to finish, every line, every scene, and every shot was perfect and suspenseful. It’s right up there with The Wailing for me, and it goes to show that korean horror is on a whole other realm of existence

  • Revenge




    Finally a rape-revenge exploitation film that dives head first into the revenge and doesn’t waste screen time with long rape scenes. From the peyote visions and self surgery, to the intense final act that leaves you on the edge of your seat this movie will hold your attention. Doing this hooptober is just making me realize how better foreign horror films are