Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare ★★★

The sixth and final installment of the original Nightmare run is absolutely batshit crazy in the best way possible. The first fifteen or twenty minutes is incredibly painful to get through, in large part due to the abysmal choice of alt-rock songs aimlessly thrown in, but once Freddy comes out to play, this film hit every single one of my buttons. The tone director Rachel Talalay establishes between the characters mimics the over-the-top, self-aware campiness of Jason Lives (Friday the 13th VI, the best of the franchise by far) perfectly. Once you replace Jason with Freddy at the height of his insanity, The Final Nightmare goes for broke in the most ridiculous ways possible within the parody of what a parody would look like sandbox. I will say that if you're not completely on board with the gradual downward spiral into lunacy the last four installments were on, this will probably be your least favorite of the franchise by far. If you watch with an open mind and the comedy's up your alley, there's no limit to the enjoyment Freddy's Dead can bring. I mean, the opening sequence of the film features the first of two scenes with a house either falling from or being shot into the sky and has Freddy flying a broom while saying "I'll get you my pretty, and your little soul too." Another scene has one character getting one of his ears cut off and taken by Freddy, after which he's unable to hear at all apparently; and once the ear is returned, he gains some sort of super hearing. Freddy then drops a single pin followed by dozens of pins from above, which is obviously followed up by Freddy wheeling out a chalkboard and scratching it with Harold Lloyd-esque theatricality. Scenes like this are delivered one after another and hilarity ensues.