Gravity ★★★★½

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Alfonso Cuaron's epic masterpiece Gravity has redefined the big screen cinematic experience forever. Cuaron's unique vision combined with Emmanuel Lubezki's (The Tree Of Life, Children Of Men) cinematographic style created a mesmerizing visual spectacle that has revolutionized filmmaking. Enough cannot be said for the innovation and importance of this film. That being said, the effects in Gravity are not what makes it a great film; the story is. Sandra Bullock does a sensational job portraying Dr. Ryan Stone on her first trip to space as she struggles to survive and find a reason to fight for her life. The subtlety and simplicity of the plot meshes perfectly with the epic action surrounding her. Bottom line, if you don't see this movie the way it was meant to be seen (IMAX 3d in theaters), you have no way of knowing just how sensational a film it truly is. Since it's release, its received significant backlash because of its simplicity when that's precisely the reason it's so brilliant. I'd definitely recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, but just know that if you're not watching it in IMAX, you're not really watching it.

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