Halloween H20: 20 Years Later ★★

From a technical standpoint, H20 is the best looking and sounding film since the original. Unlike pretty much every other sequel (aside from 3), this feels like a self contained film with adequate time given to set up the characters before it all goes to hell. In fact the only thing about H20 that screams B movie is the obscenely generic narrative. The seventh installment brings absolutely nothing new to the table, but it presents those run-of-the-mill beats in a structurally composed way that's definitely an improvement over the last several. Speaking of those films, they're completely disregarded with the return of Jamie Lee Curtis (though her original story is given a relatively satisfying ending)... There's really not much to say about this film, it's a solid, generic horror film in every way. While it may be better than several of the other Halloween films, it's probably the least interesting. This rating could definitely go down on a rewatch (though I doubt that'll ever happen). Also, the constant homages to the original two films is borderline gross at times, but I suppose it's necessary for anyone not marathoning these things. The best part was definitely the kid in Jason garb at the beginning.

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