Killers ★★★★½

Timo Tjahjanto has been one of my favorite directors for awhile now solely from his work in The ABCs of death and V/H/S/2, and this feature length film only supported his greatness. Working alongside Kimo Stamboel (another fantastic director) and the phenomenal Kazuki Kitamura, Killers is a thoroughly visceral and captivating look at the depths of the male psyche. Incredibly well done, this cereal killer spectacle needs to be seen to be believed. Though significantly less violent than Tjahjanto's previous works, Killers is still brutally violent to the point that I'd hesitate to recommend it to anyone who's squeamish; but otherwise, this is a movie that has a lot to say about our society. I'll admit that I need to see this again to get a more accurate feel for it since I was exhausted while watching it, but it's definitely worth seeing.