New Nightmare ★★

In Wes Craven's long awaited return to the directors chair, he delivered a depressingly generic film masquerading as innovative. To be fair, the five to seven total minutes spent with Craven and/or considering the implications of stardom on identity are genuinely incredible, but the rest of the film is pretty darn boring. Craven seemed to be toying with meta style thematic material before diving in with Scream. New Nightmare feels very similar to H20, which happens to be heavily inspired by Scream, in that both have significantly increased production value, much less of a B-movie feel, and take their time developing the characters before the killing begins. At the one hour mark, I was thinking one star for this puppy, but then the actual substance came in, which makes this worth seeing by itself even if its not enough to make it a good film. Yes, the whole movie within a movie about that movie actually happening is new, but aside from the aforementioned identity commentary, it goes in similar places many of the sequels went. I'm pretty sure someone forcibly trying to make someone else go to sleep while questioning the sanity of someone else happened in four of the six films before this... I wanted so much to love this film, and maybe it's franchise fatigue, but this did not live up to expectations. Oh, another massive thing is that Freddy was stripped of his personality up til the last ten or fifteen minutes, and he's treated by the film as a straight horror force. Freddy's subtle humor combined with the phenomenal music cues from the original are overlooked far too much. #NotMyFreddy It is worth noting that this is the first film to show actual side effects to these people staying awake for days and days on end, and apparently the first stage of sleep deprivation is turning into Rogue.

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