Thank You for Your Service ★★★★

Along with Ang Lee's criminally overlooked Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, this is probably the best modern PTSD film I've seen. Writer/director Jason Hall renders his film's ironic title devastatingly poignant as he delves into the grim, uncomfortable realities veterans face on a daily basis. Yes, he could've used a softer touch at times, and his pacing is far from perfect, but this is a film that'll grab you by the soul and break your heart for those caught in a broken, misunderstood system. It's hard to believe Jason Hall also wrote American Sniper... Really shows how a director's personal politics can thrash and distort a script's intended perspective... They're no Shia LaBeouf in Man Down (far and away the best soldier/veteran performance I've ever seen), but Beulah Koale and Miles Teller give fantastic performances. I think the film would've been stronger and more effective without actually showing the inciting war sequences the way they did at the end, but I can understand why it's there. I'll definitely be seeing this again.