Transcendence ★½

If I had to describe this film in two words, it would be wasted potential. First time director Wally Pfister tripped out of the gate with this film... That combined with the sub par script and surprisingly pedestrian acting led to what I'd consider an epic failure when compared to what could have been. That being said, I actually did enjoy this film for the most part. It's riddled with inconsistencies and plot holes big enough to drive through, but if you can overlook the logic of it all and just sit back and watch, I think most people will be entertained. The message Pfister and crew are trying to instill in the audience is done in a horribly overt fashion... It's basically like being slapped in the face by a technology warning and a pro-environment flyer. Bottom line, this is in no way, shape, or form a good movie; but some people will be entertained by it... Can't say I'd recommend it though.