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  • Yesterday


    I have such a soft spot for Richard Curtis’s worldview. It just feels so generous and that’s not a bad thing.

  • Planes


    That was tough to get through

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  • Memento



    Unfortunately most people only discovered Christopher Nolan after Batman Begins but when I was in high school this movie was the balls (that’s good for those of you who haven’t seen Anchorman).

    It has a stellar cast, Guy Pearce delivers another of his amazing post-Neighbours performances. The story really isn’t as complex as it seems but the structure of the film raises interesting questions about the nature of story telling and memory.

    This movie influenced a slate of knock-off’s but none have captured the raw, jaw-dropping power of this movie. Long live Christopher Nolan.

  • Seven Samurai

    Seven Samurai


    So when I got back to Australia last year all of my DVD’s were in boxes at my parents house. I started going through them and it was like Christmas. I realised there were all these movies I’d bought while teaching and never had a chance to see… one of them was this. So I sat down with my girlfriend and we watched it. I am continually astounded at how stupid I am. Of course this was going to be…