Buffalo '66 ★★★½

This is such a weird, touching strange movie. I remember I had just started working at the video store when my manager (a friend of mine who got me the job) gave me two videos to take home and watch. It was Bottle Rocket and this. To be honest at the time I liked this a lot more. I haven’t seen it since whereas I’ve watched Bottle Rocket several more times. I just remember being impressed that this dude had written, directed and starred in his own movie and it was soooooo clearly his own movie. Not knowing a thing about Vincent Gallo going into it within 5 minutes you knew who this guy was and what sort of a movie it was going to be and that was not a bad thing. A great indie film that probably would feel a little ‘indie cliched’ now because of the millions of ‘quirky character pieces’ that get churned out every year but at the time it felt fresh and exciting and weird. Very, very weird.