Logan ★★★★

Thanks to the success of "Deadpool", we finally get an R rated Wolverine film. The premise is kind of borrowed from "Old Man Logan". We see an aging Logan working as a limo driver in the not-too-distant future near the Mexico border. He has an ailing Charles Xavier hidden in Mexico and he's trying to get the money together to buy a boat and sail far away with Xavier. A woman approaches him with an offer to help transport a young girl to North Dakota. Seeing an opportunity to get enough money to leave, he accepts, but some fairly nasty guys are also after the girl, who turns out to have inherited some nasty traits from her father. This is a decisively R rated film featuring a lot of violent action scenes and more than a few beheadings, often at the hands of children. Is it good ... yes, it certainly is if you like that kind of thing. There's a story and characters too, and their good ... better than your average comic book film.