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  • Love Letter

    Love Letter


    I am and will always be in love with Shunji Iwai's intense melancholic sentimentality. However, it gets out of hand in the back half here and makes the movie go into extremely awkward/bad/dumb/tsundere territory ("We stared at each other without saying a word for 2 hours") and really does not stick any sort of landing. Regardless, the vibe still hits as strong as ever.

  • Rat Film

    Rat Film


    Why are there so many documentaries about social injustices, and yet literally no positive social change? It makes you wonder what the point of even trying to highlight what is wrong in the world is worth it, if nothings going to happen. No change regardless of how many times the change has been urged to happen, and especially no change because of the documentary you just made. What Is The Point?

    I don’t watch most documentaries. I think most documentaries…

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  • Lamp



    What a happy boy

  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    No joke, scariest moment of my fucking life just now. Second this movie faded to white a 4.8 earthquake hit. Literal thoughts of "Is this how I'm going to die" rushing like never before