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  • Keane



    Really unpleasant to watch as well as not even at all challenging. This could have been a better movie maybe if it was edited better but just ugh, it was SO fucking uninteresting. I predicted this movie halfway in.

  • 3-Iron



    a perfect interpretive film. me and my boyfriend both came out of this movie with two completely different interpretations of the movie yet both completely stand.

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  • Kuso



    Can't say this movie is for everyone for obvious reasons, but I definitely think it absolutely needed to exist. The fact that I can watch something like this on a streaming site and have it be called a movie is phenomenal the kind of world I'm happy to live in. Truly original like nothing else. I was smiling probably 75% of the entire thing. Gosh this makes me so happy! Its so what I love about media. Sure sure sure…

  • Lamp



    What a happy boy