Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★

So Vincent Gallo is the Sam Hyde of cinema. In the sense that I've liked some parts of MDE, when the asshole isn't running his mouth and hamfisting his bullshit into everything. There are some good scenes in this movie, some scenes where it really shows that the fucknut can be creative. But the majority of this movie is a masturbation fantasy. I swear to god, there is no reason why Ricci's character would fall in love with this asshole. Every time he spews bullshit out of his mouth I want to punch him. This movie tries so hard to make me sympathize with this shitface. It really does act like Billy is a character I should understand. I bet Billy is also the kind of guy who would sell his fucking semen online for 1 million dollars because he is so goddamn sure of his self. I literally screamed while this movie was playing, specifically in the photo booth where he said "Span the time" 4 fucking times. I admire some of the craft in here, I do, but after the tap dancing scene there is nothing redeemable that happens whatsoever. Haven't hated a movie this viscerally in a while.

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