Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

An absolute powerhouse of a film led by a purely dynamite performance by Riz Ahmed. His portrayal of Ruben is so frequently textured and layered. Throughout there’s a glint in Ruben’s eyes, the recognition that his life will never be what it once was. It’s incredibly heartbreaking, and Ahmed delivers this so incredibly well. The whole film really sways on an axis from heartwarming to heartbreaking while always being completely immersive. It could’ve been overly sentimental and hokey, but it’s actually a beautiful portrayal of a deaf person within the deaf community. Also, Olivia Cooke never seem to get credit and she absolutely deserves it. Even though she’s not in a large part of this, she’s superb. I’m fully prepared for this to be overlooked for all the awards it so rightly deserves but I’m happy to call it one of 2020’s best, if not the best as of right now.

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