cherry cola

cherry cola


“take that, bembridge scholars!”
brendan fraser’s hot girlfriend.

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  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    is it at all concerning to anyone how much i watch this?? is it even healthy at this point?? my therapist laughed at me when i voiced my concerns so lol! do i need help?

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  • The NeverEnding Story

    The NeverEnding Story


    a surprisingly dark and wonderfully creative world which is only bogged down by the very boring framing device and the occasionally aimless quest plot.

    i only wish i had watched this as a child as i would’ve been enthralled by it as i was with basically every piece of fantasy with slightly above-average writing and or world-building and or a dragon.

  • How to Train Your Dragon

    How to Train Your Dragon


    “he’s alive! you brought him back alive!” sobs.

    (i swear i’m not insane rewatching yet again. it’s just that i start semester two at unc tomorrow so i wanted a good luck charm to keep up my 4.0 from first semester— i think i watched the mummy as my good luck charm then lol.)

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  • 365 Days

    365 Days


    it took four ADULT writers to produce what every fifteen year old girl was writing about mafia boss harry styles on wattpad in 2013.

  • Aliens



    so fun fact, my dad is a manager at the company who “manufactured” (in the alien universe, of course) the futuristic power loader ripley fights the alien queen and delivers her iconic “get away from her, you bitch!” line in.