Tenet ★★★★


this was my first ever nolan movie in theaters!!! my state currently has all the theaters closed, but i have been having a horrible weekend so i decided i needed a pick me up. i did some extensive research to find a theater that was less than a two hour drive out of state, large for spatial reasons, but older and rundown so it’s quiet around midday. and i found one!! my dad drove me this morning and the theater was empty!! we were the only ones there. talk about luck!

i really liked it. i mean, it’s no interstellar— but it’s certainly a spectacle. i loved john david washington and rpatt’s performances and they had wonderful chemistry. the action scenes were also great. i can’t really talk about the cons without getting a tiny bit spoiler-y, but i am still mad that nolan cannot write female characters and also the score was forgettable. also i don’t find nolan movies “hard to understand,” but this script was messy and borderline incomprehensible at times. 

it’s not nolan’s best but i was very happy to see it in theaters!

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