Would You Rather ★★

this was my guilty pleasure movie. the concept is so fun and yet the punishments the screenwriters dreamed up are... so insanely lackluster. there are endless scenarios when it comes to an extreme, life-or-death would you rather game (or maybe i’m just sick in the head.) i had remembered this one as a lot more fun? but i guess that was just because of jeffrey comb’s delightfully sadistic performance.

i got little bored while watching, so here are the punishments i think i would survive because i am simply breed different💯💯
- the temporary electric shock! i was the kind of kid who stuck shit in outlets even after knowing it shocked you. plus i like that buzz where all your hair stands up.
- the ice pick stab! combs is weird about where you have to stab someone?? with the thighs, you stab off center and not deep. also i have muscular thighs— so when i sit, i feel like there is a lot of work space. if not the thigh, there’s plenty of non-lethal stab locations. 
- the cutting of one eye! it’s literally just one eye. don't look in the mirror, drag the razor across your eye in a quick movement. eye patches are sexy anyways. 
- the two minutes underwater! one, the energy used normally to stay underwater is not a problem because someone is holding your head under there. two, i am a swimmer and can hold my breath for a long time. 
- the pistol! i am a very lucky person, so i would win the coin toss. i am also very sexy, so even if the other person won the coin toss, they would not shoot me. i would not shoot them either. i feel like the lifetime trauma is not worth the prize (for legal reasons, this is my final answer.)