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  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane


    John Goodman is incredibly good(man) in this. Superb, even. While impeccably paced for the most part and full of exciting surprises, one such surprise—the big one—overstays its welcome. I actually have no problem with it, but it feels like such a slow, plodding, vestigial appendage in what is otherwise an extremely tight film. That loss of momentum and adrenaline really nipped this film for me, preventing it from being close to perfect. Some other great points, though: the set design, the strategic use of wide shots in such a claustrophobic environment, the contrasting colors, and once again, John Goodman's masterclass. HUGE content warning for abuse, though.

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    When I first finished watching I just thought "man, that was pretty good," but then all of the foreshadowing I missed hit me all at once and I found myself stunned. This is definitely the kind of movie that you can watch again and again, not just for the satisfaction of picking out the plot threads and symbolism but just because, as far as racially-driven psychological horror movies go, it's surprisingly, genuinely, a fun movie. Of course Peele would excel at sewing in comic relief.

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  • The Creature Walks Among Us

    The Creature Walks Among Us


    This is one of the saddest movies I've ever seen; the tragedy of The Creature from the Black Lagoon is the greatest the world will ever know. This movie is also the slowest and least bloody of the whole trilogy - its entertainment value is only the product of empathy for the rarely-seen Creature and its surprisingly exciting final act. But seriously, the heartbreakingly bleak ending had me in tears. Poor Gillman!

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


    This 1912 film is not the first adaptation of the RLS novel (preceded in 1908 and 1910) but it's the oldest adaptation of which we have surviving copies. At approximately eleven minutes in length, it tells the simplified story of the dual doctor, but the carnage and chaos we love to see from Mr. Hyde is lackluster. The actor's gorilla-like posture and gnarled gait is suitably lecherous, but why must they cut away from all of that beautiful brutality? Not a bad adaptation, but it's hardly satisfying.