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  • My Octopus Teacher

    My Octopus Teacher


    Too much anthropomorphism. The life cycle of the octopus is most definitely very interesting, but it's "just" that; the life cycle of a wild animal.
    A "smart" animal realises that another huge animal does not pose a threat to it, and becomes accustomed to the intruder's presence, eventually interacting with him, with the reasons given for this interaction being mainly speculations, while in reality remaining, at least, largely unknown.
    And what about other animals, that do not show similar behaviours,…

  • Seaspiracy



    A few actual fisheries scientists would have been a useful asset to a documentary on over-fishing... Some insightful data too, instead of just fancy percentages.
    Interviews with members of fishing communities around the globe who rely on fishing for their survival and can actually fish sustainably will give an idea of the scale at which the problem appears. And with others that have no other option but to fish unsustainably, because of the pressures inflicted by "you-know-what" (see next point).
    And for f's sake, stop beating around the bush and get to the overarching problem; the way the capitalistic economic growth model works.

Popular reviews

  • Being Present

    Being Present


    Yorgos Avgeropoulos is the historiographer of the modern era. Do yourselves a favour and watch his new, excellent as always, documentary.
    Even if you have recently lived through these or similar events, a comprehensive review of such an amount of information is a more or less impossible task for someone who has not been trained to do it.
    And that's why this movie is so, so important.