The Wind and the Lion ★★★½

John Milius desert romp is a very enjoyable adventure story with a political message thrown in. Connery plays Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli, a Berber chieftain, presumably from the little known Scottish branch of Berbers. But when has authenticity ever been a problem for Connery? Be it a Russian submarine captain, a Spanish immortal or an Irish cop he makes them all uniquely his own and he does the same here, commanding the screen with such authority you don't question such trivial things as accents. Brian Keith is equally good as Theodore Roosevelt and gives the film some political bite and Candice Bergen, while somewhat overshadowed by her co-stars, is more than adequate as Mrs Pedecaris who, along with her two children, is kidnapped by Connery's tribesmen. The violence is surprisingly bloodless, people are beheaded with not a sign of the red stuff, and it's all told with a sense of fun and adventure that's rarely seen these days.