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  • Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs


  • Crimes of the Future


  • The History of the Atlanta Falcons


  • Captain Ahab: The Story of Dave Stieb


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  • Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs

    Line Goes Up: The Problem With NFTs

    Jesus Christ, I can't believe this came out this year. In January, to be sure, but the at-the-time seemingly endless summer of 2021 where NFTs were everywhere, inescapable, and unavoidable already feels like a lifetime ago when you consider how far the market has fallen, and how much cryptocurrency in general has receded in the public consciousness. I remember reading an interview with Dan Olson, with Vice I think, where he said that as he finished completion on this video…

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future

    Surgery is sex, isn't it?
    Is it?
    You know what it is? Surgery is the new sex.
    Does it have to be new sex?
    Yes. Yes, it's time. When I was watching Caprice cut into you, I wanted...
    ...I wanted you to be cutting into me. That's when I knew.

    David Cronenberg revealed in an interview leading up to the release of this film that it was inspired by the countless doomerbait news articles we see now and then…

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  • Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde

    Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde

    Oh, oh, oh my fucking god.

    Let's talk about Martine Beswick. Let's talk about the first transformation sequence, in which Dr. Jekyll swallows his brilliant new hormone cocktail and is suddenly, swiftly, and totally transformed into the female persona of Sister Hyde. Her self-realization is gradual and you can trace every inch of it on her face as it appears; Beswick's performance is loaded with the smallest of smallest physiognomic tics. Everything about her is carried so carefully and deliberately,…

  • Bit


    God, I wish this movie was good.

    The soundtrack is fun. Not spectacular, but fun, especially its extremely jarring needle-drop of "Rasputin." And maybe it makes me a Bad Feminist Trans Girl Film Watcher or whatever but the only person in the movie who seemed to actually be acting worth a damn was its most prominent male actor, James Paxton, as our vampiric heroine's brother Mark. Then again, maybe male writer-director Brad Michael Elmore just doesn't know how to direct…