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MISTER ORGAN: Now Playing in NY + LA

The fascinating, sinister, chilling, bleakly hilarious, and highly disturbing new film from Tickled director David Farrier – MISTER ORGAN – opens today in New York and Los Angeles with Alamo Drafthouse and Laemmle Theatres!

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Mister Organ

Mister Organ


Incredible. Haven't stopped screaming since the first time we saw it. Feels good to let the pain out. Plan to give David Farrier a hug at some point. 10/10 would recommend to my non-narcissist and narcissist friends.

Liked reviews

David if you are reading this please work on a movie about a kind person who enriches your life

Mister Organ the documentary: 5/5*
Mister Organ the man: 1/5*

*I’m biased on both counts

I'm very glad this film is being released by Drafthouse. What a mindfuck!

One of the most unique film experiences I've had. Fascinating depiction of a descent into madness.