Tenet ★★★★

The great thing about movies is that they make it possible for us to experience the impossible. There are certain things in real life we will never get to see. Certain experiences we will never get to experience. This will be one of those movie experiences for a lot of viewers.
Nolan's newest movie, Tenet, is all about bending reality and searching for the extroardinary. It experiments with our Britt's most favourite concept; time. Handled in such cool and interesting ways. A lot of non-lineair and lineair storytelling ideas come to life. (that were supposedly ten years in the making) A lot of really interesting and done in such a way you know only director Chris´ Nolan would have the balls to do. The setpieces are immense. (Sidenote: At some point it seemed they wanted to show how much practical they could do. This felt as overkill since it only had to do with setting off a fire alarm.)

Tenet is a big, action-packed, scifi spy-thriller that often experiments with moral questions, like for example: In what manner can or should we change time? And: If you knew your future, would you do things differently?
Tenet is fast-paced movie that indeed really shifts to fifth gear (compared to second or third gear in previous movies) and for a watchful viewer -aside some dialogue- it isn't all too incoherent either, being a solid spy-thriller. Some scenes seem te be stretched out a bit. Certain scenes with a guy are really over the top but I can see why. Still, this movie pulls you in from start to finish.
All in all, great time-travel movie, with an evenly amazing cast and performance. You may -or may not experience the same feeling of being in pure awe watching this. A lot would come down to your attention-level and your brain not having a seizure by trying to grasp the unexplainable.Still open for any other ideas!

Noticable is at certain times, when you may think and a certain character should never meet this other character because of chronology, just let it go.) I'lI call this the beauty of science fiction. This film is intense. And it's action? Geez. Go fricking see it before it's being undone (by something else.)
For further details I will have to watch it again:)

Direction - 7,9/10
Narrative - 7,6/10
Acting - 8,3/10
Writing - 7,2/10
Visuals - 8,5/10
Cinematography - 8,4/10
Editing - 7,5/10
Sound - 8,0/10
Characters - 7,4/10
Overall rating... 7,9/10

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