Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

When we’re young we are-more or less-elated people being passionate about life who are trying to enjoy the moment. World is a fantastic place, full of charm and beauty, there is nothing that can ruin the party, we think we have our whole lives ahead of us, we think we can still achieve all our goals and we can dream big, who is going to stop us? But then there comes a moment when we look back and realize that the ecstatic times are gone, we haven’t achieved much and when we look ahead the only thing we find there is the final station awaiting us. Is there anything more shocking than getting old and becoming aware of the fact than we are finite creatures?

The third and –for now-the final installment of Linklater/Delpy/Hawke trilogy replaces the euphoria and hedonism of the first two films with the bitter truth of aging and at the same time it tries to explain that how irrelevant it has become to speak of eternal love in the modern world. Celine and Jesse are talking about death, they are talking about their unfulfilled goals and what makes this saddening is that they are now 41. At least half of their lives is now gone and the second half doesn't seem to be an improvement. There is a scene when Jesse explains that his grandparents used to live with each other for 74 years, that is something that neither of these lovers can even begin to imagine. In Before Midnight this difference between the way distinct generations look at the concept of marriage and loyalty plays a major part. For the people living back in 40s or 50s marriage was holy thing, but now speaking of marriage is like a joke. Is our world not an appropriate place for making yourself committed to another human being?

Celine and Jesse are not married, for the first time in the entire trilogy we see them fighting, and from what we understand this is not their first fight. The film avoids the judgment and lets us think about the situation more thoroughly, both of these people are right, isn’t that another of our world’s characteristics? No one is 100% right, no one is 100% wrong. So things are not as black and white as they were back in old times. Women are now active members of the society, it is not just men who are deciding the matters. Strong women like Celine hate to be overlooked while the society and men like to consider them weak and irrational. Is this conflict the reason behind the reason why marriage is not working in our world?

Before Midnight is not as heartwarming as Before Sunset, the 2004 movie was showing us the happiness and the ecstasy of pure love, but this one shows us that even the most romantic relationships go sour sometimes, so this may be the reason why I didn't find this as exciting as the previous film, nevertheless Before Midnight pictures a very depressing fate for its protagonists and speaks about some of the most complicated and fundamental issues in the relationship between mankind and modern world. It is made perfectly, the acting, the directing and the screenplay all are top class, one can’t ask for more. What this film does is that it makes you think carefully before going out there and falling in love.

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