It's Such a Beautiful Day

It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★½

We are our memories. The people we've met, the places we've been, the feelings we've felt, the things we've done, the things we haven't done. Things we remember from the past define how we behave, they define who we are and what we do. The vague images of our childhood, the fears we've had, the loves we've felt, the sensational feeling of looking at the clear blue sky, the sound tree leaves make when the wind moves them around in a peaceful hot summer afternoon, the joy of waking up and witnessing the first snow of winter, the liberating feeling you get when you stand in the pouring rain, the amazing feeling of witnessing a rainbow, the delight of hearing a good news, the perfection you feel when you share your life and all your good moments with someone else. Those feelings and our ability to remember them make us unique, they separate us from other species, they make us humans. The day we can’t recall any of those feelings and any of those moments is the day we lose the charm of being alive. Without them we will be trapped in an endless loop of senseless and bland events, we will be living a meaningless life of routines, there will be no joy, no passion, no love, no surprise, no hope, no delight, even no sadness.

It’s Such A Beautiful Day is an answer to all those who say cinema is dead, an answer to those who say all stories have been told, all things have been done, all characters have been explored and all feelings have been shown. Don Hertzfeldt proves that originality and creativity never die. Cinema can still touch your heart and it can still move your soul.

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