Paris, Texas ★★★★½

In Paris, Texas Shepard/Wenders portray a country in which human relationships and emotions are lost and modernity in shape of endless roads, gigantic bridges, sky scrapers and highways have emptied people of their feelings, the loneliness and depression of modern men and women are the souvenirs of the modern industrial world, the buildings and cars are representing a cold and cruel world in which values such as love and family are no longer available. The depression and anxiety of individuals have made a society which seems to be on the verge of nervous breakdown, a society in which people have problems relating with each other, love turns into jealousy and anger and results in the final downfall of human soul, there is no hope for the future, lovers can only imagine each other and it is only the memory of the past that can bring smile to the grim faces. The best way to keep surviving this, is to drive through roads which seemingly have no end in search of a better world, who knows what awaits us at the end of the road?

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