The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★½

Main problem of Jerry Bruckheimer et al’s latest movie is that it is around 40 minutes longer than it should be. In its first half hour Lone Ranger shows promise, Hammer/Depp chemistry works fine and there’s a good amount of humor mixed with some well-made action sequences, but after that the movie is going downhill. It spends almost the entire of its middle act on unnecessary things, Helena Bonham Carter is moving around for no particular reason, the dialogues are boring and looks like Verbinski has no idea what to do with his characters before the final climax, the middle of the movie is just a passage to the last 30 minutes. The finale is what we were expecting to see from the beginning, Hans Zimmer’s great music coupled with some insanely funny action. This is where the movie really gets close to the success of The Pirates of the Caribbean, but unfortunately it is too late for any kind of Jack Sparrow-ish entertainment, we’re bored by the time the movie realizes that it should be cooler.

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