Wild at Heart ★★★★

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” Did I ever tell you this snakeskin jacket is a symbol of my individuality and belief in personal freedom?”

Psychopaths, weak women, over the top violence, eccentric events, lost identities and a world where everything seems to be corrupted and out of order, those are the things David Lynch adds to a pretty much simple and straight-forward detective story – which is more suitable for one of those low-budget flicks of Roger Corman - and makes a film which gradually adds tension and fear to its atmosphere until it becomes more thrilling than the scariest of horror movies, by mischievously jumping from one film genre to another Lynch goes beyond the limits of formal structure and instead builds a movie which is not just a mixture of various genres but also takes each genre and adds something new and more interesting to it. Something that only the craziest and bravest of movies are capable of doing.

Insane and fearless, Wild at Heart is a film that starts with a shocking opening sequence and then for the next two hours it only keeps on getting crazier and crazier. Perhaps the first act of the movie is its most conventional and logical part, but as it goes ahead and specially after Sailor and Lula meet Bobby Peru– who is the most dangerous psychopath I've seen in any movie – its insanity becomes almost uncontrollable (in a good way of course), Willem Dafoe plays his role majestically, just look at the scene where he enters Lula’s room and then starts to put her under pressure, brutally asking her to repeat the words “ F*** me!”, what a moment.

Wild at Heart is a very difficult movie to describe, it is an atmospheric film and what Lynch does so perfectly is that he creates nightmarish and at the same time funny situations through flawless character developments. It is the kind of experience that defies any kind of explanation, it characters are amazingly fun to watch and with its beautiful cinematography and startling soundtrack it is a very unique, bold and memorable movie.

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