Castaway on the Moon ★★★★★

I first watched Castaway on the Moon at a foreign film night as a freshman in university. From the very first time I watched it, I dearly loved it. My siblings and I spent weeks hunting for a place to eat black bean noodles (jajang noodles) after watching it, and when we did, it was made a transcendent experience. Because of this movie.

I don't think I know of another movie (that I've seen) as warm, as cathartic, as connecting as Castaway on the Moon. It wraps its arms around the idea of isolation, giving us an intimate look into the lives of two very lonely people seeking home, seeking purpose, seeking connection. We see tiny victories that, in the lens of the characters' experiences, become heroic triumphs. We see losses that, in the grand scheme of things probably do not matter, but to the characters and to us are the loss of the whole world. The small and mundane is gilded with the light of appreciation and wonder, giving magic to the tiniest of life's experiences.

To this day I marvel out how much this movie makes me feel. I dearly hope that one day I can tell stories that are even half as moving.