Secretary ★★★★★

A perfect movie is hard to come by, but I don't mean that every level of production is impeccable, I mean when story & characters come together on screen to create magic, this is one of those movies. With a compelling story that showcases alternative lifestyles in an honest, adult manner, without losing the fun & pleasure inherent in such relationships, & without resorting to simplistic and clichéd handling of the subject matter. Coupled with & enhancing the story are two fearless performances. Maggie Gyllenhaal is amazing in the role of Lee Hollaway, playing a character who truly blossoms by the end of the movie, gaining a sense of power in who she is and what she wants. And James Spader is fantastic as Mr. Grey, Lee's boss, who has needs and desires, and finally finds someone in Lee Hollaway, who truly accepts him completely. Directed by Steven Shainberg with heart and a sense of humor, Secretary is a perfect movie, devoid of pretensions and cliche, a firm smack to the establishment.