One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The first thing that came out of my mind when the credit showed up was: i definitely got to have some rewatch in the future.

There are a lot of missing pieces when i watched this movie, the greatest two questions are: 1) Why Mac didn't just run away after he manage to steal the hospital's bus? i mean he had a chance, 2) Why did Ratched want to keep Mac at the ward? 
Well, i know the second question has been answered by Ratched herself, but i don't really think that's the real reason, also, i actually have my own answer and i read tons of review and articles, but i just didn't get the perfect one. The thing is that these 2 questions are the most fundamental question that i have to know perfectly well so i could rate this movie.

And now, we're talking about something i know. I love how this movie made me confused about which side should i be on, the hospital's side, or the patient's side. Both sides actually have pro and cons on their own. The hospital's side sometimes could be annoying and pressed the patients too hard, but i could respect some choices they made because i think that's how the rule works. Now, their program, although the intention of group meeting was good, i don't think the concept of telling your problems when you're not ready in front of a lot of people was good, it doesn't really give a good progress. Lastly, Ratched? She wasn't that evil (idk about the book); The patient's side wasn't wrong when they feel pressed, they should've get a good treatment and feel free to do anything they think make themselves happy instead of stick to the same fucking schedule everyday, this is probably what caused their behaviour in the last 40 minutes. They just wanted to have some fun (which the thing i love to see them happy), but it's their fault to leave the room messy tho, i mean it's a public property, it could be annoying for some people and Ratched herself. The one that really got me confused is Mac, the main character. On one hand, he's very charming and gave off the good vibes to the other patients, on the other hand, i can't forget the fact that he's actually a rapist (i believe he cheated the system) with such a bad and creepy behaviour to some characters, AND it really covered up the good side of himself. Now, the acting was brilliant, the story, the plot, the dialogue were amazing too! But the climax was the one, it was just on point, the whole 133 minutes paid off with this mindblowing ending. 

If i had to rate this movie right this second? I'd probably give it 4/5

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